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About Zoomlion Tower cranes
Having based their tower crane production on using and improving the technology of major multi-national foreign companies, and implementing their components, the Zoomlion tower cranes TC series are second to none in the world. Brand names of the world market leaders in their fields will be found in the Zoomlion TC tower crane series.

The cranes are according to European F.E.M. standard and verified by the European CE standard.

Zoomlion can manufacture cranes to almost any customer requirement, in addition to the specifications of the TC tower cranes displayed on this website.

Zoomlion Tower
Crane Video

ZOOMLION A golden combination of heavy industry by science and techology. We are experts of construction machinery!

In 1996, ZOOMLION promoted her full frequency altering tower crane. This was the first tower crane on the same level with the world advanced techniques. With over forty years of research and science, ZOOMLION tower cranes have always been at the head regarding structural design, electric control systems, safety, reliability, etc., creating a series of the first in China. The whole enterprise has been authenticated by ISO 9001 :2000 and 2005.
Ingenious operation mechanism
The hook rate is regulated automatically, speedily and conveniently.


We are experts of construction machinery!
The technique of the working mechanisms has advanced simultaneously with world advanced techniques.
The hoisting, slewing, trolleying, travelling mechanisms are all stepless regulated and frequency altering.
Starting and braking smoothly with less impact and providing long operating times at low speed with correct setting.
1 Trolley radius-changing mechanism with
frequency altering and speed regulated.
10 6 Ton hoisting mechanism, three-speed electric motor, simple control and convenient maintenance
20 6t, 8t and 10t hoisting mechanism, double-speed wound motor with small starting current and altering current, and stable operation. Lebus drum for better rope arrangement.
30 6t, 8t ,10t,12t and 16t hoisting mechanism. Lebus drum with rope groove, the best rope arrangement.
Control system
Breaking through the traditional control method, the first time in China to realize full frequency altering and stepless speed regulated.
The best brand of electric elements in the world

Realizing and utilizing fully the intellectualized controls.
The less medium control elements, working with more accuracy and coordination, convenient maintenance and high reliability.

The technology of vector frequency altering speed regulation.
Realized accurately matching the parameter of frequency transformer. The full power output at frequency
altering has truly realized the light load at high speed and heavy load at slow speed, with high efficiency.
Stable start and brake with small impact for transmission parts, structure elements, especially for electric network.
When starting, the current of frequency altering motor is twice or three times lower than other kind of motors.
Convenient and reliable operating system  
The design of human engineering for the driver’s cab offers the operator a comfortable and air conditioned working environment.  
Hoisting weight limiter

Unique efficiency-smooth operation, correct setting. The test of filling a glass with a bottle of Pepsi using the crane:
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